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Hardwood Lumber

Over the past thirty-five years the staff of North American Wood Products has been responsible for the sales and shipment of over three billion board feet (6.9 million cubic meters) of hardwood lumber, primarily from North America, but also from the Pacific Rim and Central and South America. We realize that every buyer of wood fiber in the world has many choices of where to source their requirements. Only by understanding the specific requirements of our customers, and by shipping them quality products could we have achieved the volume mentioned above.

We realize that what was true yesterday, is even more true today. Global lumber markets are more competitive than ever. For our customers to survive in this environment they must receive good value with every purchase. If we at NAWP are to survive we must provide our customers with superior value every shipment; that is our goal.

To be able to supply our customers with hardwood lumber that is consistent, load after load, we have divided the Eastern supply area into eight sub regions rather than the traditional three that is used by most shippers.