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At North American Wood Products, we strongly believe that environmental responsibility is no longer just an option. In today's world, it is an absolute necessity.

We are FSC® Certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

Today's consumers of wood products want assurances that the products they buy are composed of fiber that was grown and harvested in a manner consistent with the highest standards of environmental responsibility. Owners of timberlands, loggers, and wood processors need a reasonable program to verify the products that they offer meet those standards.

After careful review of various industry proposed environmental programs, North American Wood Products concluded that the Forest Stewardship Council™ program of certifying wood offers the best long-term approach for our industry and for concerned customers.

North American Wood Products has always sourced our products from suppliers who have practiced sustainable forestry. Before certification was conceived, several of our timber owner and sawmill partners were already compliant with the guidelines that were later developed by the Forest Stewardship Council™. Initially the market demand for FSC® Certified wood exceeded the supply. However, this is no longer the situation. We now represent suppliers with over 325 million board feet, or 767,000 cubic meters of annual production of FSC® Certified wood.

The wood suppliers we work with, and for, are all committed to sustained yield forestry and protecting the environment for future generations. NAWP is strongly supportive of these efforts.
See our FSC® Bulletin Board.

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